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SEO And Your Web Design

Since Google updated their ranking algorithms the relationship between web design and search engine optimization (SEO) has changed, becoming much more closely related and intertwined.

It used to be a straightforward process to blast almost any content to the front page of Google by adding large qualtities of backlinks pointing to your site pages, but Google didn’t like that because it was too easy to manipulate their Serps results.

Google’s solution was to turn their ranking requirements on their heads. Out went brute force and ignorance and in came quality, trust and authority. Google has learnt to measure quality in all things, not just your website content, but all of th backlinks that helped to boost your SEO rankings.

How To Rank #1 In Google

The first step to top rankings is to write and publish very good quality, unique and valuable content. If your real world visitors find your content useful and want to read it then Google will value it too.

Once you have great content that passes all of Google quality filters, you then need other websites to link to you, but not just any websites…. relevant websites.

What Is Relevance

Relevance is measured by Google in two ways; your site needs links from contextual links within relevant themed content, so a page about house building is linked to from a page about house building.

Additionally, every page is given a ‘link category’ based on the link category of the strongest links that point to it, so you need relevant category links which have relevant content on them to link to you. In the example above, you would want links from sites in the “Business / Building & Construction” category.

If you achieve this, without over optimizing the anchor text (exact match anchor text needs to be less than 1% of your total backlink profile), then you will climb online up Google’s search engine listings and receive the organic traffic that you seek.


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  1. The list of requirements needed to rank well just gets longer and longer….. what chance does anyone really have?

  2. Change happens, if you don’t veer too far off the Google path then you won’t be too far away when they next change the rules?

  3. If you think that any search engine isn’t going to revise it’s algorithm at some point then you are in the wrong business

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